About on timer event

I have one question

Features like On timer, on load, on click and back end
Can I use
With this, automation is possible in various situations.

Automatic notifications and alert notifications in Skjur
Distributing heavy late-night processing

Hello Caos,

For heavy late-night process and operations that take too long to execute, I suggest using email as your alerting notification system, so that once a given procedure ends, you’ll automatically receive an mail telling you of that.

To do so, create a simple class dedicated for emailing, in which you’ll define the smtp credentials there (port, host, password…), as well as the methods that we manage your messaging structure.

Thank you for your response

There is a system that automatically confirms mail receipt at regular intervals (5 minutes), generates PDFs, and sends e-mail attachments at 4D.
Runs continuously almost 24 hours a day
Is it possible to migrate this to Qodly

this is a good question for a larger class of issues - jobs that are normally scheduled to run hourly/daily, perhaps to pull data in, and perhaps to push data out.

Hi everyone,
Tasks scheduling is our roadmap.