About the priority of events for each component

I have a question about the qodlydemo_weather of the demo software

Select box to select the city in the main webform
It contains three components: select box, style box, and text.
each has its own events
If select box is selected, each of the three components will have an event
If so, what will the behavior be?
I would like to know if there are any priorities etc.

Hello Caos!

Actually, each component has its specific set of events, but since you’re using a selectbox, you should focus on the events of that latter. To set them you can add your functions on the onClick, or the onSelect events,

else if you want to follow the changes of the datasources binded with component you can set the call on the onChange events of the datasources:

For the stylebox or text’s events, they can be used for example to call a function in order to change CSS, play with another component’s visibility and a lot more interesting things too!

Thank you for your response

A lot more interesting things too!

I want to improve my skills as soon as possible and be able to do interesting things.