Debugger claiming var not declared, when it's really a type mismatch

There are several examples of the debugger displaying an error that is either incorrect, or misleading.
Here’s one:

The debugger is complaining that state is not declared. actually, it is declared. it is a return variable of type string. HOWEVER, there is a mistake in the code, namely that this.state is not a string, but an entity, therefore an object, so the assignment is also retyping the variable. i think the real error is that the types are incompatible.

i have another example, that i didn’t screenshot, where i was trying to concatenate several strings. one of them was undefined. the debugger stated that i had not declared the target variable (but the real error is the same as this one: type mismatch)

Hello Mikey!

That’s a bug, we’ll declare it and let you know when it’s fixed.