Invalid date format breaks preview of form

i tried to use MM/DD/YY as a date format in a data table.
i’m guessing that format is invalid.
when the form attempts to load, it loads, long enough to show the components, and then, when it attempts to render the data, it goes blank.

Hello Mikey,

In fact, the format of the day and the year is not correct as you can see in the screenshot below (day as an example), that’s the main reason of displaying a blank page.

You should write the day and the year in lowercase not in uppercase. So, your desired format of the date should be MM/dd/yy.

Best regards.

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hey @al_mostafa_nahas, thanks for the tip!

  1. can we update the docs with this info and
  2. i reported it, this way, because i thought qodly should do something else, besides render a blank screen, like warn the dev, and maybe pop a toast in preview.