Using command-e in debugger to add expression to watcher shows undefined, but typing the expression shows the value

  • double-click on a variable in the debugger

  • hit command-e to add it to the watcher

  • value is undefined

  • manually type the variable name at the bottom of the watcher and hit enter

  • value displays

  • the order doesn’t matter - typing then deleting then command-e behaves the same way.

  • clicking in the expression in the expression pane, then hitting enter will cause it to display properly.

the video, below shows:

  • selecting logMessage and typing command-e. notice that the value is undefined
  • typing "logMessage* in the bottom and hitting enter. notice that the value is defined
  • selecting logMessage, typing command-e, again. value is undefined. hitting the edit button on the expression, and pressing enter. notice the value is defined.

Screen Recording 2023-11-30 at 20.55.43