About the number of columns in a matrix

I have a question about Mtrix

Although it is stated that the number of columns is automatically variable
It would be nice if the number of columns could be specified by default.
It seems that the weekly display of the calendar can be displayed easily.

Hey Coas,

Thank you for trying our new platform.

if you are looking to make a weekly calendar or like the picture (7 columns)

you can create a matrix with vertical orientation.
then you should change the width of stylebox in the matrix to
100/7% ( or 100/5 if you are not wiling to display week end)

and don’t forget to fix the height and you should get something like this

PS: for this example : the height of the stylebox was fix to 72px

i will create a feature request to “Matrix: Specify the number of columns by default”

Thank you for your response
I’m looking forward to the future