How to edit to Matrix and data table

On a personal note,

This is about how to respond until direct editing to Matrix and data table is implemented.
I felt that arranging them below the list would be more balanced and easier to type.

Is this method OK?

Hello Caos,

You can play with the flex property of the parent stylebox, and any other one to reaarange it according to what you want to display!

Thank you for your advice

If you place the edit input text below the matrix, the viewpoint will move less
I feel that it has become easier

Next is the question

For instance

There are 3 attributes inside this input text
3 of

If I put the multiplier of price and quantity into total

What kind of event.function should I put in

If you want to get that value and recompute the function depending on each entity then you should define the function on the onChange event of the selected element of the matrix

First, define your function in the itemEntity class:


Call it on the onChangeEvent of the item datasource, and return the total in the datasouce binded with the third text input:

By this, whenever you change your entity, the total will be recomputed depending on the selected element