Alternate url scheme

i think i may have deleted a thread on this topic, prematurely.
i am out of ideas on how to make the redirectURI that quicken requires in their oauth2 flow work with qc’s url scheme. if i use a more standard url (like, say,, it works fine, and after the credentials are entered, the user is redirected. quickbooks’ sandbox url also works fine.
if i use the qc url scheme, qbo complains that the url is invalid. the first thing i did was to replace $lib with %24lib. the browser is ok with this, and qbo accepted it into my app’s redirect uri’s. but, after qbo authenticates the user, and tries to navigate to the page, it fails, complaining, again, that the url is invalid. i’m not sure if it does not like the ?w= element, but if i escape that, qc chokes.

suggestions welcome
here are a couple of pages describing the scheme:

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also, i just found this tidbit, on the FAQ’s page (emphasis added):

  1. Review the redirect URI for your app. It should match with the redirect URI used in queries to the Intuit OAuth 2.0 server. Redirect URIs shouldn’t have any query parameters. If query parameters are required, pass them as state variables.
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