Open external link - use datasource

i started off this thread not understanding external links, obviously.
as part of an oauth2 workflow, i need to open an external link and redirect the user, with various parameters embedded in the url. but, i don’t see a way to use a datasource to obtain the link.

what i should have said is that i don’t see a way to use a datasource to set the target url. i can hard-code a url, only (either a project webform, or an external site). in the case of oauth2 flows, there are other parameters that have to be embedded in the url, and i can’t just use an httpRequest, because the user has to interact with the page to enter their credentials.

Hello Mikey!

If your goal is to navigate to a given external link, you can just toggle your text component and bind it with the URL you desire to visit.


Else, you can hardcode your url using some function, and send the params you want, then execute and return them in a datasource and do the same action:



this has to be done with a text object, not with a button, right? i was trying to use a navigation event.
i was able to make the text object work (thank you), so now it’s on to the next problem in the sequence.

Actually, it is possible to navigate using a button, but you should directly paste your static link in the button’s navigation event target:


there isn’t a static link in an oauth2 flow, which is why i need to be able to use a datasource.

and, we probably also need to be able to do the same thing from images. here are qbo’s approved images for starting the regular flow, and the openID flow: