Automatic development and auto-filling, possibility of import

I have a suggestion for the possibility of Undo and Redo

For instance
Data from applications and databases in other clouds
It’s time to migrate to the Qodly application
Large amounts of data with complex structures such as text and photos
When importing into a Qodly application
I need to develop an application for data import specifically for migration
Therefore, we will use the modified macro using the log exported from the Undo and redo operations.
Allows autofill instead of import
With the addition of this feature, autofill will be easy in a short period of time

This has a great effect
Because it makes it easier to migrate from existing cloud applications

Next is automatic development

Using script-like technology adapted from Undo and Redo
When developing Qodly applications, i can combine small parts to
I can make it a macro to automatically perform some development.

For an object language like ORDA, I think it complicates the data
Therefore, by utilizing the structure and flow of operation like Undo and Redo,
I think it will deepen the relationship between Qodly applications and users and developers

What do you think?