How to migrate data

How to migrate data exported from other applications to Qodly Cloud

In the future, if there are demos, macros, and features that suggest methods other than the current import,
I think it will be easier to migrate to Qodly

This is important for companies that are currently operating on other systems

i thought there was a tutorial on how to import csv files.
i just wrote a routine to do it.

Thank you for your response

Sorry for the lack of explanation

Companies that are already using other cloud services
There is data, including images

In that case, is it possible with the existing import function?

Alternatively, you can upload a large amount of CSV data and images to the shared storage in Qodly at once.
Is it correct to then load it into the data class?

It would be appreciated if there was a specific script

If there is a better way, I would like to know

here is the video
i have not tried to import images, yet (but you clearly can retrieve them. the weather demo pulls them from a folder in the Shared folder). the code for that method is in DataStore (i think. i’ve been futzing with the weather demo code for months, so it might be somewhere else). the function name is getWeatherPict.
what i’ve done is

  • put files in the shared folder (but mind the extension)
  • import them and create the entities in a loop. the path to Shared is /PACKAGE/Project/Sources/Shared/

Thank you for the advice

I will try to refer to it