dataTable "user Experience features"

There is a section in the documentation on data tables called user experience features. Are these not implemented, yet?

Hello Mikey,

Yes, these features are implemented in the datatable,

For the:

Column sorting: you should start by enabling the sort in your datatable’s columns to order.

Resizable columns: you can adjust your columns’ width easily using your mouse,

Dnd columns: you can rearrange your columns positions by dragging and dropping the column’s header and place it wherever you want,

Tabbable rows: you can navigate through the rows using the tabukation and select the one you want to display for example

column sorting does not seem to work, at least on a collection as a data source.
you are correct about the others.

It’s bug, I’ll create it and we’ll let you know when the fix is available!

Thank you for the feedback!

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