Checkboxes, Selects, Buttons, Radio Buttons options for display in DataTables

I am really enjoying Qodly. One suggestion is to be able to display column data in DataTables as Checkbox/Select/Button/Radio etc. instead of just text. For example. I have a contacts table and a boolean field for user to indicate if they are currently actively working that contact. When they see their contacts list displayed in a datatable, I would like them to be able to toggle the Actively Working boolean with a checkbox.

I also would like the Contacts Datatable to include 2 columns with Buttons “Generate Loan Estimate” and “Generate Pre Approval Letter” for example in each contact row.


I’ve been learning Qodly for a few months now

As a result of my current knowledge,
Buttons cannot be placed in the Data table
Use a Matrix component and place a button inside it to
I think it is possible if you enter the content of your request in the On click event
After that, if you write the content of your request in a little more detail, you may get a comment back

I hope you find it helpful

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I will look into the Matrix component. Thx for the pointer. Will provide feedback when done.

The matrix component seems to work so far. It is powerful; less “out of the box” than the Datatable component but can do all needed thus far. Thx for the tip!