Event cannot be edited

I have one question

When I try to edit the click event of the button component
The preview of the function on the right is displayed, and the event cannot be edited

Hello Caos!

In your case, do you want to fill this standard action, and you can’t see it or select a function to the click event?

If you want to edit any event, you have to remove it then re-add a new one instead.

It’s about when you edit an Event

Once you select a Function, you will see the preview on the right

At the same time, the width of the Event actions window is reduced

After that, when I click on any other event, the preview does not disappear

Therefore, it is difficult to confirm the event

If possible
I would like the opening and closing of preview to be linked according to the type of event clicked

Would you mind sharing with us the complete screenshot? I suspect a low screen resolution.

Thank you for your response

I was using a screen resolution of 1440x900
I remembered that 1920x1080 was recommended

I’d like to try it at 1920x1080