Assigning multiple text fields

i have a data table. the user has selected a record in the table. now i want to display the attributes in text input fields for editing.
do i have to call the server with the record id from the data table, and have the server return the entity? do i then have to declare a data source on the form for the entity, and then assign the individual attributes from that data source?
what if i want to do two things? let’s say i want to modify the appearance of the row in the data table and i want to populate the fields. is that two calls to the server?

Excuse me

The status displayed in the list of This web form is
2.entity(entity selection)

There are two types

I understood the difference between the two

  1. Entity is created from catalog
  2. entity(entity selection) is created from This webform

If you create an entity in method 2, it will be displayed as entity(entity selection)

It took me a while to figure out the difference between 1 and 2

If you put it in a text or textinput compornent and have it bind the datasource to
Since it works with Data table seletion, I understand that no other processing is required
All you have to do is place the button compornent and assign a standard save in the click event to edit and save

Do you find it helpful?


You can first start by creating a child datasource from the selection you binded your datatable with, so that by default it will hold the first element of that selection (you can update its initial value to hold nothing too or create a standalone one directly).


Then, bind it as the selected element tof your datatable,


and then you’ll have to bind each input text with one attribute of the selected element from the datatable, you want to display and edit.

i’m bound to a collection, not an entity selection, because i needed to add a column, which i called “selected”. this column is used to visually indicate that a row is selected (i could not figure out how to allow multiple rows to be selected or to do it with script).
once multiple rows are marked, we can perform operations like delete.

Multiselect is still not supported in datatables. You can’t add any other components in the datatable, so you can’t change the appearance of the row unless you use css classes.

i am not asking about multiselect. i am just explaining why i am using a collection as a data source, instead of an entity selection.
so, yes, if multiselect was implemented, i think this problem might be moot, in this case.