Interim toast does not display

rather than displaying a component, temporarily, to show a “loading” message, i wanted to display a warning toast:

	prompt="Loading "

but this toast never displays.
the onLoad event, which triggers this function is set to provide feedback:

and the message toast at the end of the function does display:

myForm.setMessage("Weather udpated.")

Hello Mikey !

Do you get an error message when you execute your function?

hello, fadwa!

per the other thread on this project, i’m not using the json you created. i’m using a dataclass i created, with different attributes, so there is no error generated.

Hello Mikey,

Currently, displaying multiple toasts through a single function is not supported.

As a result, only the final update from the function will be visible in the UI, highlighting only the last toast.

For additional information, refer to the Three Tiers of Feedback section in the doc.

Best regards,