Client-side data debug

i’ve got a server function that generates an array.
in the debugger, i can confirm that the function is achieving, and generating the collection, as expected.
on the client side, the function result is (supposed to be) assigned.
however, outputting the array results in…nothing being displayed.
i also don’t get any errors in the process.
naturally, i’d like to see what the browser is getting from the server to see what’s up.
one other thing: if i leave the function call in place, the calls below it (one of which triggers a toast) do not fire. if i disable the function call, the toast displays.

if i jsonStringify the collection, it looks good, so i’m even more confused.

i have been messing with this issue for days. this is either something really simple that i’m not understanding, or…not?

Hello Mikey!

Did you check if you’re returning the collection in the right datasource name?

If that’s the case, can you maybe give us a glimpse of what you tried to do?

message me, since all of you have access to the project, and i’ll walk you through all the details.
then, i think we should do a bit of a post-mortem, over here, for posterity.
part of my question is this: i, and other devs, need to be able to self-help, and not ask for help, every time we run into something. i don’t know how i can look in the browser to see what’s coming back from the server.

If you want to check the outcome of some function you’re calling, you can check the network section that you get in the devTools, once you inspect your page (right click->go to network). There you will see the response of your function:

more stuff that probably needs to be documented, because i can’t be the only person who is new to writing web apps.