Make borders visible/colorize

I think it was @ayoub that did a demo of a CRUD form, using a number of components, including multiple styleboxes. In that demo, in the stills, there multiple boxes drawn to show the borders. I think those borders might even be separate colors.
I’d like to see something similar, at least as an option, in studio. I’m laying out a form, right now, I’m three levels deep on the left side of the form, and four deep on the right. With the borders being invisible, it’s difficult to see where each of the borders are. visualizing them would make that simpler, but what would be really cool would be if those borders were different colors, with level 1 at one color, 2 at another, 3 at another, etc. even other components could have a border color, which would make it clearer what the object positioning looked like, relative to each other.
it would also make it easier to see that when i’m dragging/dropping a component on the form, that the component is placed above a style box, in it, or below it.

Hello Mikey!

You have the possibility to set the border once you drag and drop your stylebox easily :slight_smile: , but you mean you want to have this option automatically?
For the last part, you can keep tracking and view all your webform’s components in the outline section.

Hello Fadwa!
i meant in the designer, only. i’m just trying to see the physical location of everything, easier. it will also help to see how the padding and margins are affecting the layout.