Copy format settings to another object

i have a couple of select boxes sitting next to each other, inside of style boxes, on a form. The settings seem to be the same, but they are obviously not. I’d like to be able to apply the format/layout settings from one to the other, easily.

Hello Mikey!

You can try exporting the style of the first selectbox, and then add that resulted css class in the other ones too.


i had not thought about doing it that way. this would be a temporary, one-time thing, like selecting multiple objects and changing some property (the size, perhaps).

Don’t forget that “ccs” means “cascading”.
You can define a “container” stylebox with common settings that could be inherited by included components with the “inherit” option

that’s assuming that it would be appropriate for them all to be in the same stylebox. that’s often not the case (and, in some cases, the inability to put an object in two, unrelated styleboxes is kind-of-a drawback.
i will wholeheartedly admit that using css is still pretty new to me. i’ve been mostly ignoring web dev for forever, in favor of native mobile dev. if i hadn’t started messing with qodly, i’d probably still be ignoring it.
then there is the other matter of trying to learn how to cascade elements that are within different styleboxes, inside of an outer stylebox - example: getting labels for components (or the bottom of widgets inside of the components) to align. i’m not sure if that’s possible, or not.

Using Qodly implies forgetting the way we design 4D form. We have to think that webform objects are displayed in a flow and be familiar with “flex” concept help a lot when designing Qodly screen.