preOnLoad event (or, advanced property for initial css properties)

hiding components when a form loads causes the form to blink, but if we set the css to have them hidden, by default, then they are also hidden in the webform editor.
i’d like to either (or both of these)

  • add a property to the advanced panel for a component that is something like “initially hidden” or “default hidden”. the component would be visible in the webform editor without screwing around to make it visible, but hidden when the app loads the form
  • add a form event on preLoad, which would fire before the form renders, which would enable us to do setup, including setting the visibility of components.
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bumping this, because the form i’m working on, today, looks kind-of silly when it loads.
the alternative, to have the component hidden via the visible css property, means it is also hidden in studio, when i am working on the form. it is just a matter of time before i forget that it is there, and do something regrettable to the form, as a result.

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