Qodly Studio for 4D: Namespace-Variables lose their value


I’m using a namespace variable to load the desired webform into a webform loader.
Basically, in webform A I set the variable, in Webform B I use it as a datasource to properly load the webform in a webform loader.

This works perfectly fine with the independent version of Qodly.

The version coming with 4D is not working. As soon as the new webform is displayed, the variable is set back to its default value.

Known bug?

Hello Tilman,

For 4D problems, you should write topics in the link: “https://discuss.4d.com/”,

Best regards.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that this forum covers both the standalone version of Qodly and the one coming with 4D. To the contrary, I was repeatedly asked which version of Qodly I was using in previous postings.

The problem at hand is Qodly-related and only loosely related with 4D itself as long as the implementation of namespace variables doesn’t make use of 4D in or or the other way. I was of course thinking of the Session variable and made sure I also had “scalable sessions” activated. That made no difference.

Hi Tilman,

When you use Qodly in its cloud declination, you always use the latest version available, provided you update your app.

4D delivery pattern is different: Qodly Studio for 4D version differs from a 4D Feature release to another (20 R3, 20 R4, 20 R5, etc.), and it is not necessarily the same as its cloud counterpart, for scheduling reasons.

If you experience issues with 4D, the best is indeed to post on discuss.4d.com, where you’ll have better feedback. In your case, I guess a project example exposing the issue would be beneficial.