Sharing variables in different Web Forms

I have one question

I can place each text compornent in a different webform and use the same variable or entity value in the
I want to sync
If i change it in any web form, I want it to change automatically in other web forms

For instance
When the time when the user logged in is displayed in all forms

To display the total sum of the sum of the amounts in each Web Form in all Web Forms

Is there the most appropriate way?

I created a Namespace and created a datasource of type string
I assigned it to a text input in each web form
So, I entered the characters in the first web form
Next, I opened the second web form in another tab and checked the text input
Changes have not been reflected

Do I need to do anything else?

Hello Caos,

If you want to share your datasources between webforms, the target of your navigation should be opened within the same webform loader you’re in, not a tab.
For example, you can create a webform A in which you will only have a webform loader having as initial value the webform where you’re doing the actions on a given shared datasources, with a navigation button that will lead you to your next webform, using a navigation event in the self webform loader.

1- Main Page loader:

2- Main page content:

set navigation event in button “Go to webfrom 2”:

3- Save and go to next webform: