Search project for function call

i’m messing with the weather demo, so i want to find where the ds.getManifestObject() function is called. The project search does not seem to do that.

Hello Mikey,

This one is not available in Qodly. I will declare it as a feature request.

Best regards.

You’re right. Effortlessly searching for functions and objects would be extremely helpful.

ds.getManifestObject() is called when the home page is loaded.

Go to SettingsApplication and examine which WebForm will initially open. The Application link may look disabled or almost invisible, but clicking Application makes it clearly visible.

You should see:

Then, open for editing the home web form.

Follow these steps with the home web form displayed for editing.

  1. Summon the Contextual Panel (found at the bottom of the web form.)
  2. The Contextual Panel has two side sections: Select your Event and Actions.
  3. The first action is a function that calls ds.getManifestObject and assigns the result to the object manifest.

thanks, jeremy.
i was asking the question more generally, too, since there are calls to various functions bound to objects, as well in classes. for example, i want to stick the capitals object into a table, and rename the attributes. that requires quite a bit of searching to find all the things that have to change.

We agree with both of you, searching function calls in a webform (or more) would be wonderful.
We already discussed this a lot internally, we have this in our roadmap.


I have found two bugs related to this in 0.14.3:

  1. in the search box, if i type a function name, and include trailing parentheses, the studio window goes blank.
  2. if i begin a search (omitting the parentheses), and then delete it, the entire project tree unfolds.

it’s been a while.
today, with b4, i had to go find my singletons and rework them. since we don’t have this feature, i had do to a bit of searching…

and it would be nice to get both of these fixed