Server stuck offline

server is offline

attempts to restart fail - it immediately goes back offline

annnnnnnnd, now it’s ok, again.

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Hello Mikey!

I’ll declare this incident as a bug, and we’ll let you know once the fix is available.

i don’t know if it is a bug. it could have been aws being dead for a time.

server just dumped offline, while i was working on development.
i had been testing/debugging, for a while, including the webform editor, the method editor, and the data editor.
i just went into the data editor, when i got a 504
it seems that restarting worked.

just happened, again.
this time, it was up for a few seconds, and then went back down, again.
I started it, again, and it went right back down, again.
then i hit “restart” instead of “start”.
it stayed up for about two minutes, and then died, again.

Hello Mikey!

Thank you for the updates! We are investigating the cause of the issue.

i’m not going to do this every day, promise.
it’s happened twice, today.

Does it become offline, after you get some successive code errors or something?

i don’t have a reliable recipe, yet. i’ll work on trying to come up with one.
it happened several more times, over the weekend.
it definitely happens while i’m working with the product, so i’m sure i’m triggering something.

this is continuing to be a problem.
one additional detail: when the server goes offline, using “start” does not seem to keep the server up, but “restart” does, more often - not always, but more often.

this morning, dash says server is dead, but it’s using 56% of memory?!