Standard action all then orderBy

for standard actions, if i want all records from a dataclass, ordered by an attribute, do i have to specify the all then the order by, or can i just do the order by? i don’t have an entity selection until i perform the all, but when i mess with this, and just specify the order by, it seems to work just fine (i kind-of expected the selection to be empty, since i hadn’t created it).

Hello Mikey,

There are two cases by using standard actions:

  1. If the initial value of your entity selection is “all”, you can add only one standard action for that entity selection, choose “order by” as an action and then the attribute and how it should be ordered (ascendant or descendant).

  2. If the initial value of your entity selection is “none”, you should add two standard actions: the first one is for loading all the records for that entity selection, and the second one is that mentionned in 1) above.

Best regards.

but i don’t ever do the “all”. in the onLoad, i just have a sort for the datasource.
i would have expected that to not work, but it seems to work. is it possible that the selection is loading some other way? the dataclass is bound to a datatable, but i don’t ever explicitly load it.
ALSO: if i have a dataclass bound as a datasource to a data table, and i want to control the order the records appear in, don’t i have to sort them? wouldn’t that have to be in the onLoad event?