There is a difference in the menu of actions

I have one question

While referring to the QodlyDemo_Matrix of the Qodoly studio 4D v20r2 demo software
I created a web form in a sandbox in Qodly cloud
Both have entity in the datasource in the On load event
Below are the two web form on load event menus

There is a difference in the menu of actions

What could be the reason for the difference?

スクリーンショット 2023-10-03 22.13.28

スクリーンショット 2023-10-03 22.27.22

Hello Caos,

Even tho your datasources are both entities, the item datasource in this case, is belonging to some entity selection already created in your webform, the last four additional standard actions will allow you to go iteratively over your selection.

For the basic creation scenario, the tokuisakientity datasource in this case, when an entity is created directly and not related to any selection, it is managed as a single entity and you can only perform those actions directly on it (create, remove, reload…), thus there will be no need for the navigation actions.

You can distinguish between the two entities by looking for the keyword (selection Name) that appears after the child entity.


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Thank you for your advice

Now, if you want to add 4 standard actions to the entity of the sandbox I created.
What should I change?

Hey Caos,

You should remove it.
Then go to your selection.


Click on the add button and recreate your entity with same name.