Standard action save entity doesn't save, but toast says the save was successful

  • i have a table that is going to hold a single record, the credentials for a third-party site

  • in the onLoad event for the form, i fire a function that either creates the entity, if it does not exist, or loads it, if it does. in either case, the function returns the entity

  • in previewing my webform, i can confirm that my entity is loaded, because i added a text field to display the id of the entity. it displays correctly.

  • the data source for each of my input fields is assigned to an attribute of the entity
    (i’m not going to include screenshots for all of them)

  • i have a button, with a save standard action assigned to it, and the entity as the datasource

  • i get a “save successful” toast after I hit “save”
    in the data explorer, all attributes (with the exception of the id) are null, and re-opening the form shows empty values in all the input fields (the id field continues to show the id).

i wrote a new function:

exposed function saveEntity(e:4D.Entity)

and linked it to the button.
this function works, where the standard action does not.

Hello Mikey!

That’s a bug, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed!