Entityselection created from catalog and entityselection created from This webform

I have one question

When i create a DataSource
entityselection created from catalog and entityselection created from This webform
It will appear in This webform when you create

It looks the same

Is there a way to identify the difference
Is there a difference in behavior?

Hello Caos!

Both methods you used serve the same purpose, which is to create a datasource. They are displayed in This webform section because they’re defined as local datasources and they’re exclusive to the current webform you’re in, since you did not specify a namespace while creating them.

The main difference between creating a datasource from the catalog and from This webform part, is that in the catalog you will only find the types of the dataclasses defined in your model, while in the second way, you can find primary types (string, number…) as well.

Thank you for your response
Organize the story
I understand that when creating entity selections from Catalog and This webform, their roles are different.
But after creation, the name of the entity selection and its attributes displayed in the datasource list look the same
Unable to identify
I would like to know a specific method

The two ways do the same job, so basically there’s no difference between them, you simply chose another method to quickly create your datasource through the catalog!

If this did not answer your question, provide me with more details to help you!