Unable to calculate entity

I have one question

We have placed the text input component of the entity for editing the contents of the Matrinx component

I put code in the entity function that outputs the multiplier of price and quantity to total
But even if you change the contents of price and quantity, it will not be calculated
Where am I going wrong?

I changed the return value of the function to this.total and it was calculated
Is this statement correct?



You can also have a computed attribute totalPrice on your entity ?

I’m trying to use calculated attributes, but it doesn’t work

Integer attribute price and quantity multiplier to total(attribute or variable not stored?) When outputting to

I understand that you can put a function in a data store class

I understood that an event is attached to the selected element of the Data table

Is it impossible for the storage attribute to not be saved?

Is there a sample method?

Excuse me
I didn’t have any knowledge of calculated attributes

It was a capability that Qodly’s documentation lacked

I was able to supplement it with 4D documentation

Is the basic mechanism the same?


Yes, the mechanism is the same.

Calculated attributes are documented here: