Ability to download files from Qodly be implemented

I have a few questions
Among them
For example, let’s say you want to develop a simple booking system.
Can the ability to download files from Qodly be implemented?
For instance
1.Generate PDF as confirmation table for reception
2.Instructions and then download PDF from the server
3.Download CSV while displaying the list

Hey Caos,

you can’t generate PDF and download it Yet.
i will create a feature request for it.

Hello Caos,

To allow users to download a CSV file while displaying a list in your interface, follow these steps as a workaround until the feature request is approved and released:

  1. Create a class function to generate CSV content and save it in the Shared folder using the file command:
exposed function generateCsvContent()
    var csv_content : string
    // Your logic to generate CSV content here
    file("/SOURCES/Shared/test.csv").create() // or "/SOURCES/Shared/test.txt"
  1. Bind this function to an event like an onclick button event.

  2. Set up a Navigation Action to direct to the content within the Shared folder, in our case targeting the file path /$shared/test.csv while selecting the External Link option.

When the path refers to a file, it doesn’t open in a new tab; instead, the browser triggers a download.

Please note that this is only a workaround solution.

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Thank you for your response

If I were to use it, it would be nice if I could receive information about Qodly cloud updates in real time from in advance

Sorry for asking an elementary question

Thank you for your response