Download project

am i imagining this? i thought there was a button for downloading project files in qodly cloud, but now i don’t see it.
with the issues that i’ve had losing changes when i have to reset site settings (and to use vc to track what i’m doing), i thought it would be a good thing to start doing.

Hello Mikey,

Does the button “Access Files” work for you?


i had to find it, first.
so home->username->dev
top right is the button location

there isn’t any way to do an upload, right now, right?
like, if i download a project, pull it into dreamweaver, and modify it, i can’t send the result back, right?

You currently cannot upload back a complete project.
You can only download you project to back it up youself, and upload assets in the Shared directory.

Dreamweaver would not be of any great help anyway;)

any of the prototyping tools (dw, sketch, etc.) would be helpful for adding and configuring components that qodly does not include, at the moment.
other editors can sometimes be nicer/easier to use in some situations. dw, for example, makes it simpler to test multiple layouts on multiple devices, simultaneously (i can test a tablet in portrait, and one in landscape, a phone in portrait and landscape, a full-size desktop window and a couple of cut-down window sizes), all live, as i’m futzing, because NO ONE cares about the innards. that’s secret sauce that doesn’t make the app pretty/fun/cool/awesome/nice/great.