How to programmatically import data

I want to programmatically import csv data into one of my data tables.
From the documentation, I only see folders that typically reside within a 4D development environment.

How to access files if I’m using Qodly Studio without 4D?

Hi Tilman,

First thing would be to know where is located the csv file you want to import.

First strategy:
If your csv file is available online, you can get it with a HTTP request.

Then you can process your csv file with File | Qodly Developer Center and FileHandle | Qodly Developer Center

Second strategy:
If you have the csv on your computer, you can upload it manually with the file upload component.

Then you can store it in a blob attribute of your database and process it.

ok, got it. Convoluted, but I guess I know why you have to do it like this.

Well we’re all ears if you can propose something better :slight_smile:

It‘s fine how it is

I‘m trying to follow your 2nd option, i’m having trouble to get it to work. I can select a file, but I don’t get any feedback if the upload has worked.
But then again, it may as well be that some other mistake is in what I have designed. Since I don’t see any error messages, it’s a lot of guesswork.

Possibly the entity I’m using is not existing, wasn’t created or something else.