About logging in from Chrome on multiple Macs

I have one question

I used two Macs to operate qodly with the same account
The browser uses both Chrome
Along the way, I noticed that one Mac didn’t update Qodly’s edits
So I logged out of my Chrome account, turned off sharing and logged back in
Now the edits have been updated
How does this work?
Also, is the response method correct?
For example, is it possible to log in at the same time on multiple Macs?

After that, if you initialize the Chrome settings of the two Macs, log in and out repeatedly,
Some of the things I created with Qodly have disappeared

If I use Chrome to edit on multiple Macs, are there any conditions?

Hi caos,

Note that Qodly Studio heavily relies on your browser’s local storage.
When you click the save button, your work is saved on Qodly server.
Until you do so, your work is saved in your browser’s local storage.

So for example: if you shutdown your computer without saving, your work is not lost. Next time you open Qodly Studio for your app, your unsaved work is back.

A new Qodly release will arrive shortly to further improve this aspect.
You can login with 2 distinct browsers or computers. You unsaved job on browser A will not be visible on browser B until you save. If you happen to modify the very same source code or webform at the same time with both browsers, Qodly studio will alert you when saving.