App high memory usage

nothing is active on my environment: my browsers are all quit, etc., but i am getting a warning that i have high memory utilization.
App High Memory Usage

  • Environment : dev
  • Description : Warning your application has exceded the usual limits of Memory utlization, Current VALUE = 80%
  • At: 2023-11-24T15:56:21.691Z

interesting: i’m seeing lots of this, in the log, but AFAIK no one is using the server, because, AFAIK, the only people that even know about it are myself, and a few 4d staffers:

668126 2023-11-24T16:30:53.890 [4d-server.srvr] ERROR - [2] DoWrite: failed to write - sslError(6) (task=1084, socket=28, blocking=false, selectIO=true, SSL=true, peerAddr=, peerPort=-1, localAddr=::ffff:, localPort=7443)

also lots of this:
668028 2023-11-24T16:30:29.554 [4d-server.POSX] ERROR - [107] Transport endpoint is not connected (task=1084, taskName=HTTP connection handler)

also looking like weird memory usage growth:
here’s the graph over the last couple of weeks. look at the bottom for the sawtooth:

restart server, memory back to 12.92%

for anyone else checking in on this, i received a message from the team saying they were already aware, and have been working on it.


Interesting. Got the same warning. Restarting the server didn’t help. Explicitly stopping it and then starting it again brought down memory usage from 83 % to 11 %.

over the weekend, i got a couple of warnings, in the middle of the night. my server experienced a memory race condition/memory runaway, hitting 81 and then 100% usage. at that point, it fell off a cliff, back to about 12%. i’m assuming there was some sort of auto-reboot, at that point.

just had this happen again, but now it’s for high disk usage (?!). recently (november/december), when this happened, the server seemed to reset itself. this time, it did not. it went offline, and i had to do it, manually.

  • like the other times, i was not in qodly, when it happened. i believe it was 12+ hours later, this time.
  • just like previously, restart does not fix it. i had to stop the server and then start it. note that the development page says the server is online, but the overview page says it is offline:

annnnnnd…it just went offline, again. i just got it up, and fired up studio. studio was not loading, so i went back to the stats screen, to discover it was offline.
i have no idea now my disk space got maxed out. there’s barely anything in the project. unfortunately, i don’t see a good way to even try to do something about the disk space, if i remember, correctly, all we can do is use ftp to download files, not manage them, and if i can’t make the server run, i can’t even use file commands to do it that way.

so…i can’t keep the server running. as soon as i try to get into studio, it goes offline.
i was able to download the files, though, FWIW

Hello Mikey!

Thanks for your feedback, we are currently working on it!

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