(b3)button label from datasource

i’d like to be able to customize button labels in dialogs. it does not seem that we can do that, at the moment. this would helpful with dialogs

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Hello Mikey,

Do you mean the close and draggable buttons?

If it is the case, you can just apply a CSS class to the button containing the following CSS:

self::before {
  	content: 'Close';
	font-family: Roboto;
	font-weight: 400;

No, I meant a regular button. Regular button components can’t have variable labels. I was working on adding an alert/confirm style dialog, but I can’t change the labels on the buttons, which means I’m stuck with ok/cancel every time the dialog is invoked.

Hi Mikey, what you mean would be to map a button label to a datasource for example?

i want to be able to change the labels on the buttons.
in olden days, in another development tool which will not be named, we might write

$okTitle:=Request("Enter a title."; "OK"; "Accept"; "Cancel")
ALERT("Here is your button."; $okTitle)
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I wonder what is this tool! It must be a great one…