The role of the red-circled button above the DataSource

I have one question

What is the role of the red-circled button above the DataSource?
If i click.alternates in white and purple
スクリーンショット 2023-10-20 14.04.26

Hello Caos!

That’s the inspect button, and it will allow you, once toggled, to locate the component where the datasource that you hovered on is binded, in the webform.

Thank you for your response

I was looking in the webform editor page of Webforms.
Not found
I hope that Balloon hint is displayed

Hello Caos,

To easily locate the information you need in the documentation, check the dedicated sections corresponding to your specific queries.

The overview of the webform editor serves as a guide, directing you to the relevant sections for specific information. For instance, the “Inspect option” can be found within the “datasources” segment.

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