Replacing text with var

how do you replace the text of a text object with a var?
example: weather app: i want to change the value in what i think is the capital name (the text box directly below “Weather forecast”. I don’t see how to reference that object, and i am concerned that i broke something when i was fiddling with the layout…

Hi again Mikey,

To do so, select the text you want to replace and use the Toggle datasource icon:

Then you can bind the text to any datasource of your webform:


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is there a way to assign the datasource to the text box instead of to the text?
if i select the text, then assign the data source, and then i change the default text, the datasource goes away

After highlighting the text “Paris”, what action summons the Datasource dialog? Click somewhere? Keystroke?

A quick clip will make it clearer. Double click to highlight, then click on “Toggle datasource”

Sep-13-2023 22-03-39

Hi mikey I think I missed your answer. Still having problem? The datasource binding does not change unless you remove all the bound text.
You can also change the text (here “Paris”) in the toggle datasource dialog.

no, i’m not having a problem. i was just trying to bind the datasource to the field object, because if, while i’m editing in studio, i change the text in the field (let’s say “Paris” to “Location”, or if I accidentally delete the text, I lose the binding.