[bug] if debugger is enabled, cleared breakpoints still fire

see below:
note that there are no breakpoints, but a previously used breakpoint is triggered.
before i go to this point, i disabled the breakpoint and hit “save all”, before “preview”.

Hello Mikey!

If there are no breakpoints in your code, with the debugger on, and a function gets displayed out of no where, it means that there’s an error somewhere in that code.

For example, here you should include that capital.name inside the string function like so:


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hello, fadwa!

i’m not using the json you folks created with this example. i moved all the data into a dataclass and renamed the attributes. you can see, below, that the variable is correctly assigned.

data model:
Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 08.27.23

can you maybe provide us with more details about your use case ?

Normally, it should be executed correctly if there’s no code error.

I just happened to have not disabled the debugger, after debugging.
i fired the preview, but the page didn’t load.
i flipped back to the studio tab, and noticed that i was on that line.
then, to ensure that it wasn’t just some weird, transient thing, i disabled the debugger, previewed, and re-enabled the debugger, and previewed, again.
i’m going to add you as a collaborator on this project, since this probably won’t be the last time we’re discussing it, and who knows what other stuff i’ll claim to find that you’ll be able to debunk in about a second.

i have been able to make it happen, again, twice, this morning.
once, i was in the debugger. i added a soft breakpiont, continued execution to the end.
after the debugger achieved, i closed the preview, removed the breakpoints, and re-previewed. the debugger fired, where the now-removed breakpoints existed, before.