Changed the background color with Mouse enter

I have one question

Text box, bottn, style box, etc.
I want to change the background color with Mouse enter
What is the most appropriate method?

The purpose is to make it easier to check the position of the cursor.

I will add

When entering the mouse, the text color and background color are changed.
I would appreciate it if it could be easily implemented

I think the position of the mouse click is important because it is related to the basic operation.

Hello Caos,

Thank you for your feedback, the most appropriate method is that we can create a CSS class containing styles for the component (text, selectbox, button,…etc.) and styles once I do a hover on it.

This is an example, by using the selector :hover

And when the mouse is over the component, this is the result:

Best regards.

Thank you for your response

Basic web aprication,
I would appreciate it if I could develop in non-code or low code

In addition, I would appreciate a customized sample code for stable operation of CSS for Qodly