How to change the color of text

I have one elementary question.

This is when i want to title the form
Textinput labels can change color.
Is it possible to change the text color of Text?
Property not found

Is this by design?

Have you tried the Text color property? Choosing red will render it like this:

Thank you for your response

Not the TextInput component, but the text component’s
Change text color

the same property is available for text component:

I see your issue! Actually, the color property is available only in advanced mode:

Thank you for your response

The cause is now known

When I changed to Advanced mode, the text color property was displayed

But it bothered me a little
I believe Back ground and text color have the same priority
Is there any reason?

I would like an initial state in Advanced mode

If possible, I felt that the property list would be unified, and when Advanced Mode is off, it would be easier to find the necessary property without changing the position, such as graying out.

Beginners mistakenly think that there are few features
That’s what worries me

perhaps could you post this suggestion in our idea section? we can think about it for sure, UX is very important for us.

I’m going to post