Qodly demo of CRUD operations with a datatable component

It should be very helpful if the 4D staff could provide to the community a Qodly demo which implement basics CRUD operations from a datable component juxtaposed with an input form.

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i think it might be more helpful to have a video tutorial on how to build one, because of all the nuance, and different nooks where things can be hiding.
layouts are very different. putting the input fields on the right vs the bottom matters, etc.

i see that this thread is also asking the same question. i think we are all chasing the same rabbit, right now.



hey, @ayoub, i have a question about the video:
why did you choose to make a couple of webloader forms for the left and right panels, instead of putting all the components and controls in the styleboxes that you created?

Hey Mikey,

i did it to have full control over areas.
when you have one page that contains everything it will be hard to maintain but when you have your many sections represented as webForms loader.
you can go to the webForm and modify it and you can modify a section without affecting the other parts.
also, it will easy for me to add more features like adding a button to switch between list view and grid view

@ayoub: when do YOU decide to stop breaking them out into separate pieces? there seemed to be other spaces on those subforms that could be separated, further, but wound up in styleboxes, instead.

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yes i see what do you mean. we can separate the dataTable from crud button for example

that’s what i’m asking - how do YOU, personally, decide when to / when not to?

Personally i like separate sections by type to make it easy for me.
for example for a home page i would do the navbar and add a webFormLoader
for each part, if a have List + details. i would create a 2 webForms. one to control the list and one to control the details.
i do that because i found that it’s easy to concentrate on one Part instead of having everything in front of you.
and when i do it it’s easy for me to duplicate the webForm and reuse it in a different section.

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