Deployment of an app to local server

From Docs about Qodly Server and components (HTTP, REST, DB, Script …)
“All these elements are included in one single executable running under Linux OS, providing the best performances by eliminating unnecessary intermediary connectors.”


will it be possible to deploy the created app (project) with Qodly Studio to a local server? (on premise)

The situation that all the components are included in one single executable seems to be a lightweight solution. What is the footprint of the Qodly Server?

do you have an answer to the above two questions?

  • local deployment ? only on Linux ?
  • footprint of the single executable of Qodly Server ?
  • What is the difference between HTTP server and Web application server? Is Web application server the static page (WebForm) HTTP server?

Hi Renlite,

At this moment Qodly is Cloud only. It is still too soon for us to share insights about a potential on premises offer.
HTTP server handles HTTP requests.
Web application server handles your application (webform, code, etc).
Note that webforms are not delivered to the user’s web browser as static page. It is rendered to HTML/CSS locally by the web browser.



What actually is delivered to the web browser?

When a webform is rendered and displayed to the end user, they are presented with an HTML/CSS representation governing the webform’s visual appearance and functionality. Meanwhile, the webform’s data and configuration are internally managed using JSON, kept hidden from the end user’s perspective.

For further details and clarity, please refer to the Webform Rendering technical documentation.

I understand is’s too soon for the deployment question.
Could you answer this question: What is the footprint of the single executable including all elements of Qodly Server?

Can 4D give a commitment wether on premise or self hosted solutions will be available in the (near) future?

This is an essenmtial information before even starting to look at this tool.
Data ownership as well as data protection laws make this a must!

4D is a relatively small company and entrusting business critical solutions to a server completely controlled and at the mercy of 4D is simply not an option many corporations will be even willing to look at.

I, for example, work for the banking sector and would not even dare propose a solution based on something my clients cannot fully host and control themselves.

Thanks for any information,


i believe the hosted solution is on AWS
the on-premise version can be done with 4d server

I think the question is about running qodly on their own linux server, outside of


sorry, but that idea is DOA, purely for cost reason…

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i get it. that’s why i’m working with studio instead of the 4d version. hopefully the studio pricing will be more reasonable, or i’ve been wasting a lot of time on studio.
for you, is there an issue with the solution being hosted on aws?

well, depends.

the client will require full root access to the aws instance, one he himself rents.
I know, 4d has survived a long time, but its an important no-go checkbox on the usual checklists.
As they are financial institutions in europe, they have a lot of rules to comply with which makes hosting a tad tedious, requiring to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to get the required certification.
And the people doing the certifications usually dislike technology stacks they do not know.

One of the reasons I could not place 4D as an application development system with them.

For now I will play around a bit to see if it even has the potential to do what I need.
Especially the design of the demos I have seen until now are sloppy and can never be shown, even as a tech demonstration, to a potential client.