Between Qodly cloud and on-premises 4D Exchanging Data

I have one question

Between Qodly cloud and on-premises 4D server or qodly studio
Exchanging Data
For instance
CRUD in table
TCP, UDP communication

By enabling this function,
The extensibility and convenience of 4D and Qodly cloud
I think it will go up

4D already has a generic REST API for partial and incremental replication see 4D for Mobile Goes Open Source: A Big Step for the Community! – 4D Blog and Qodly script includes all ORDA classes from 4D including the HTTPRequest class.

In that sense, HTTP connectivity is already built in.

4D with Qodly Server and Qodly Cloud powered by 4D are almost mutually exclusive business proposals (both are designed for internal systems, not public-facing apps).

it seems unlikely that combining the two together would have much utility.

If you have an existing client server 4D application, you can replace some functionality with built-in Qodly and repurpose your client licenses for Qodly access. You have access to classic 4D features as well as ORDA. Eventually only a few users may use 4D client on a daily basis. But it is unlikely that you completely get rid of classic 4D desktop code.

Qodly cloud with subscription only makes sense for new projects. The application will be a light weight browser edition of client server. No user will need to use 4D since no part of the application is written in legacy 4D code.

so, are you saying that qodly cloud should not be used for public-facing apps?


just as there are no public 4D Server applications where anyone can use a free 4D Client to connect.

it can be public in the sense that a registered user can connect from anywhere with an internet connection, but not in the sense that anyone can create an account and freely join as a new user.

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