Script editor does not support dark mode

(v. 10.13)
AND, the code that is supposed to be underneath appears on top of the context menu
right-click on a token:

Hi Mikey,

Thank you for trying our new platform and for your feedback.

can you please provide us with more informations
Browser version :

We will keep you updated as soon as this issue is fixed.

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ff 117.0
btw, the forum won’t let you post a message with <20 characters, so the above line would not post

ya know what i think is really happening?
darkReader is applying its css’s. if i turn off darkReader, the background lightens up quite a bit (yuck, can we change that, please?), and the menus are no longer black-on-black

with darkreader (much nicer appearance, overall/better contrast, but menus borked):

default appearance (grey, much less contrast, menus work):

so if you active the dark mode on FF you get the issue ? or are you talking about darkreader the browser extension ?

i thought it was a dark mode issue - but i forgot that i have darkreader installed.
it seems like the issue is caused by darkreader. see the screenshots above:
when darkreader is on, i get a deeper black, and better contrast, but the menu is black-on-black.
when darkreader is off, the contrast is worse but the menu is white-on-black.

so, now that we’ve figured that out, if i could make a request, it would be for studio’s css to use a darker black.

After investigation, we have found that the issue comes from a bug in Monaco Editor ( the code editor that powers Qodly Studio, VS Code and other online IDEs). We have opened an issue in their repository.


Update: The maintainers of Monaco Editor will not fix the issue since it is caused by unsupported extension, we have added the issue to Dark reader extension repository