What causes the Different Schemes warning?

I have not used Qodly for more than one month.

Today, I opened the 4D PIQS Weather API demo using 4D Beta v20R3.100158.

In the Chrome browser, I see the following warning.

The Server and Client have different Schemes.
Render the page anyways?

A screen shot of the above warning follows. See annotation #1.

Previously, the Qodly version was 0.11.9 2023-10-26. Now, the Qodly version is 0.14.1 2023-10-26.


  1. Is the Client the Chrome browser?

  2. Why does the Qodly browser client report different schemes?

  3. What is meant by schemes?

  4. Did the scheme change from version 0.11.9 2023-10-26 to version 0.14.1 2023-10-26?

  5. Where do I find an explanation of scheme in the Qodly documentation?

schema is http or https.

Look in the title of your screenshot, you are here using http.

When you switch schema, it is a new access, so you loose the session.

Documentation: I personally am more familiar with the 4D based documentation, so please excuse that I use this to refer:

But the concept is the of course same in Qodly.com, except that license handling is different. But the impact (message and new session) is the same.

Hi Jeremy,

As your question relates to Qodly Studio for 4D, it would be better located and answered in discuss.4d.com.

You’ll find your answer about URL scheme by reading the link to 4D documentation Thomas provided.