About Web Form Loader

I have one question

I’m currently trying out Web Form Loader
I’m looking for an explanation in the document about how it differs from Self and how to use it properly.
I can’t find

Hello Caos!

Webform loaders can be used in case you want to display another webform’s content in the current webform where you’re at.

If you want it to display a given webform by default, you can set its initial value, by selecting the webform’s name to display:

or you can directly bind it with a datasource of type text that will contain the name of the webform to view inside of the loader:

When we refer to the webform loader (self) in a navigation, it means that the target of your go-to content will be within the parent webform loader that’s displaying your current content.

But when you use the webform loader option, and then select your loader by reference, then that new content will be displayed within the selected loader existing in your page.


I have this mainPage webform that’s going be to the first page I preview, and that will display the New webform by default:

In the New webform, there’s two buttons, with one having the navigation set to within webform loader (self), and one within the loader existing there:

And in the base webform, it’s just displaying a text message:

If you click on first button, then the base webform content will be revelead within the existing webform loader (the one in mainPage):

else if you click on the second button, then the base webform content will be displayed within the loader below:

Thank you for your response
Got it
In the documentation, I didn’t understand how to place WebFormLoader.
I found the following video

This Web Form Loader opens between the original form and the destination form
Scopes such as entity, entityselection, storage, etc. are the same as when opening in the same form.
Will it be the same scope?

Yes, what was defined as local can only be used within the parent in which it was declared, and what is shared can be used among all webforms.