Cascading Webform loaders

Since we have no version control at the moment, I don‘t want to try this out:

In my application, I have two lists in my main screen. One is visible for all users, the other depends on which role is logged in.
Is there a way to cascade webForm loaders?
Initial „welcome“ form that shows one or several buttons, depending on access rights.
Clicking a button displays the actual work form that itself contains two webform loaders that will then do the right thing.

Is that possible?

Hi Tilman,

It is perfectly possible to embed webform loaders into other webform loaders.
I do not see why your case would not be implementable with the current qodly version.


That is awesome. I’ll give it a try!

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I found a drawback, though.

I have three webform loaders in one webform, one for a menu on the left side of the form, two for list views that are arranged vertically.

The menu contains buttons, which is handy as I can show or hide them depending on user rights. but since the menu is in a webform of its own, it no longers knows of the two adjacent webforms which means if I want to display another form, I cant reference the two other webform loaders in the same webform but I have to open another browser tab. This rids me of using Namespace datasources as they are not shared between browser tabs.

I was thinking if I could make use of the Tab component but since I cannot programmatically hide individual tabs in a row of tabs, this won’t work either.

So, in order to have everything working as I intend it to work I either have to duplicate my menu or I have to make do with extra browser tabs and (which is actually working fine).

I guess ultimately the Tab component is great to implement a simple menu structure but we need to have way better control over the individual tab elements. If hiding doesn’t work, making them inactive by code would be an option.