Wanted: demo of a datatable with a tree

i think this might be possible with a matrix, but there’s probably a better way.
i want to use a folded tree structure or similar to have a collapsed list. when the user taps on the indicator, the list unfolds to show the contents of the line, including adding columns to the display (since the contents of the folded entity will probably be from an N table in a 1:N.

Is what you are talking about something like an accordion? Or is it more like a hierarchical list in 4D?

i don’t know what an accordion is.
it’s more like a 4d hierarchal list, but most of the tools i’m familiar with call them trees, because they can do even more than the hierarchal list can, such as growing the number of columns to display data from the node.

This is a simple accordion here. It can be multilevel.
We will have the possibility to add our own plug-ins made with (probably) React. And CSS. So accordion is (probably) one of the first examples.

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