About Modal Displays

At 19:44 in this demo, there is a modal display and explanation
Is this a component?
Or is it one of the existing ways to use Web Form Loader?
I found it a little confusing
For example, from a selected element in a Data Table or Matrix component,
I would like to know how to make edits from the text input component from Modal

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If you select elemnt from Data table or matrix
I want to view, edit, and delete Modals
In addition, I would like to make a new entry

I thought it was a good CRUD method for Entity selection

It would be nice to have a demo

Hi caos,

The modal used in this video is made with a webform loader yes.
It is hidden by default.
When the user clicks the “Delete” button, the onClick event triggers 2 events:

  • Loads a webform in the webform loader (with navigation event)
  • Make the webform loader appear (with a server side addCssClass)

This is the way you can make modals today with Qodly Studio.
Nevertheless I would not recommend you to implement too many modals this way for the moment as we will soon ship a much improved modal / popup management. It is in QA phase as we speak and it’s amazing :slight_smile:

So stay tuned!

ya know, there are beta testers that like to break things.
there might be a few of them on this list…

thank you

We can proceed with Qodly learning with peace of mind

Coming back on this topic, checkout Dialogs feature from Qodly :slight_smile: Dialog | Qodly Developer Center

Thanks for the news
I’ve been busy with 4D and have been away from qodly for a while
I’ll try again

I haven’t tried it in depth yet, but
As well as viewing normal alerts
It can also be used to enter new data, edit, and delete datatable and matrix.
It’s convenient
There is a possibility that the screen will not swell and can be displayed efficiently
It would be even better if there was a demo

There is one more request
It would be useful if you could use a Dialog to display a datatable or matrix in the dialog, select a record, and reflect the result in the datatable or matrix entity in the original webform
The reason is that SelectBox and Select Input can only display up to 15 results