About Modal Displays

At 19:44 in this demo, there is a modal display and explanation
Is this a component?
Or is it one of the existing ways to use Web Form Loader?
I found it a little confusing
For example, from a selected element in a Data Table or Matrix component,
I would like to know how to make edits from the text input component from Modal

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If you select elemnt from Data table or matrix
I want to view, edit, and delete Modals
In addition, I would like to make a new entry

I thought it was a good CRUD method for Entity selection

It would be nice to have a demo

Hi caos,

The modal used in this video is made with a webform loader yes.
It is hidden by default.
When the user clicks the “Delete” button, the onClick event triggers 2 events:

  • Loads a webform in the webform loader (with navigation event)
  • Make the webform loader appear (with a server side addCssClass)

This is the way you can make modals today with Qodly Studio.
Nevertheless I would not recommend you to implement too many modals this way for the moment as we will soon ship a much improved modal / popup management. It is in QA phase as we speak and it’s amazing :slight_smile:

So stay tuned!

ya know, there are beta testers that like to break things.
there might be a few of them on this list…

thank you

We can proceed with Qodly learning with peace of mind