How to select and display the specified entity selection and entity

When opening the form, I want to select and display the specified entity selection and entity.

Currently, if you switch between multiple tabs and type, the selection will be initialized when you open the original tab again.
Is there a way?

Supplement the content
Although it is impossible between Tab and Tab
Between tab and dialog, the state of entity selection and entity selection is preserved even after the move

After this, I found the tab component

If i can’t fit everything in one form
When operating multiple matrices in order
When i switch Tabs, don’t want to initialize the selection of Entity selection.

Would it be more appropriate to use this

You can mix Tabs and Webform Loaders. The entity selection ot the entities are Datasources, which can be local to a Webform or Shared. If you use Shared Datasources, then you can use it in multiple Webforms, and switch the Webforms with Tabs or with Radios (which I personnally prefer).

Thank you

The Radio and tab components contain a variety of functions.
I overlooked it

Based on 4D’s recognition of radio and tab, I misunderstood that it was a simple function

I’ll give it a try

I tried it right away

The tab component and the radio component can be stacked vertically and displayed.
Is it possible?

Hi caos,
I don’t know if I understood correctly, but you want the radio options to be displayed one above the other, is that right?

If that’s it then you have to play with the display flex.
Here is a normal radio(tab) component :

If you set the display to Flex, you change the direction to column. You end up with this:

Then you can play with the CSS to make it look good.

I’m still learning about Qodly so I currently don’t know if there is another way to do it easier.

Thank you
The display of the stylebox containing the Tab component is flex.
It doesn’t change
Is there something wrong with my operation?

For the Tab component you have to change the flex direction to “Row”.
So your component will look like this :

Now if you want the tabs to be in columns
Then you can apply this CSS :

self>div[role="tablist"] {
	display: flex;
	flex-direction: column;

So your component will look like this :

Thank you
So i need to play around with CSS a bit

For Qodly learning, i have clarified the scope of what is possible with no code